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News archive

icn_newspfeil.gif May 2005 – let´s focus Viewer- data exchange much more easier

Share your knowledge and your let´s focus files much more easier. By installing the let´s focus Viewer everbody can open let´s focus files, have a look on comments and start the replay.

icn_newspfeil.gif May 2005 – let´s focus e-Moderation Workshop

October 12th ist the next date for another lets-focus e-facilitation seminar. The seminar takes place in Zurich and focuses on visual and interactive workshop facilitation.

icn_newspfeil.gif May 2005 – let´s focus Background Overview

To make the use of let´s focus even simpler, we have compiled a list including a description of all the functional visual backgrounds of the positioner application. You can find this instructive little list in the info + downloads section. The background pictures are structured into metaphors and diagrams and into backgrounds for process discussions and structural discussions

icn_newspfeil.gif April 2005 – let´s focus live at the Neuland facilitation congress:

On the 23rd of April the new release 2.2 of let´s focus will be presented at the Neuland facilitation congress. The event has been sold out for a number of weeks and brings together professionals in the areas of training, facilitation, organizational development and human resources.

icn_newspfeil.gif April 2005 – Now available: let´s focus 2.2

The 6th of April 2005 is the release date for the new version 2.2 of let´s focus. The new release is a major breakthrough and offers numerous improvements and additions to the let´s focus suite. let´s focus now incorporates an easy-to-use search function, an improved re-player, new templates and icons, as well as expanded interaction features. Curious? Demo Tour

icn_newspfeil.gif February 2005 – Review

The reputed German IT journal "Wirtschaftsinformatik" has reviewed the book "Knowledge Communication in Organizations" which has been one of the outputs of the let´s focus research project. See:

icn_newspfeil.gif February 2005 – let´s focus now with solution trails

The February update of the let´s focus Suite includes several solution trails that combine insightful templates in one application sequence for such contexts as project kick–off meetings, strategy development workshops, problem solving workshops etc. In this way, proven workshop methods can be re–applied.

icn_newspfeil.gif January 2005 – New Version published

On January, 25th the new release of let´s focus version 2.1 is published. From now oni you can use the let´s focus tracker to visualise the minutes of a meeting

icn_newspfeil.gif January 2005 – course for workshop-moderation

On April, 6th the course workshop-moderation for the next generation starts for the first time. Further information

icn_newspfeil.gif January 2005 – New article

You can find a publication of knowledge management in teams with a lot of examples and suggestions in the Information material.

icn_newspfeil.gif January 2005 – let´s focus - knowledge management and e-learning

let´s focus was successfully used in the course "technologies of Knowledge management" at the university Luzern.

icn_newspfeil.gif December 2004 – Neuland facilitation congress

The let´s focus Suite receives great feedback from 50 professional trainers and facilitators at the Neuland facilitation congress in Egerkingen.

icn_newspfeil.gif November 2004 – let´s focus presented

The let´s focus Suite has been officially presented at the Dies Academicus of the University of Lugano (USI).

icn_newspfeil.gif November 2004 – Transfer into the Business Process

The key question of collaborative knowledge management. Key note speech of Hartmut Scholl at IQPC.

icn_newspfeil.gif November 2004 – let´s focus succesfully used

On November, 1st let´s focus was used in a workshop with 50 HR Manager, who analysed e–HR.

icn_newspfeil.gif November 2004 – 60 Chief Communication Officers using let´s focus

On November, 20th let´s focus was used to structure a workshop of 60 chief communication officers.

icn_newspfeil.gif Oktober 2004 – let´s focus used in strategy workshop

let´s focus was successfully used for the annual strategy planning. combining the Synergy Map Template (vgl. and the let´ s focus positioner made the planning very succesful.

icn_newspfeil.gif Oktober 2004 – let´s focus - the visual learning tool

let´s focus is now used in three master programs and in one bachelor program in two universities.

icn_newspfeil.gif September 2004 – Selling co-operation

reflact, the University of Lugano (USI) and Neuland join forces for the distribution and marketing of the let´s focus Suite in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.