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The benefit

Would you like to know more about the possible benefit you will recieve by using let's focus?

Due to let's focus being usable intuitively right from the start, it raises the quality of your meetings already on first usage. You can immediately prepare meetings more easily and hold them more effectively, efficient and motivating, and you don't even have to write minutes since all documentation happened already during the meeting.


You will deepen your knowledge and experience about let's focus over time and start applying the more advanced features of let's focus in your daily meetings.

You cannot imagine your meetings happening without let's focus anymore.

With let's focus you won't need to:

  • extensively train people, as the let's focus interface is highly intuitive and straightforward (if you can drag and drop, you can use let's focus)
  • write up lengthy meeting minutes that are never read
  • struggle with difficult software technology
  • become a graphic designer, as let's focus includes a library of over 60 high-quality templates
  • worry about compatibility as let's focus files can be exported to many other programs.
  • prepare a workshop all in your head

let´s focus leads to...

  • The active involvement of all meeting participants instead of boring one way presentations.
  • Integrative, big-picture communication, instead of splitting up issues into arbitrary presentation slides.
  • High quality causal analysis instead of opaque bullet point lists.
  • Explicit assumptions and relations instead of ambiguous and unclear language that leads to misunderstandings.
  • Concise, interactive documentations of meetings instead of endless meeting minutes or lengthy presentations with a low information density per slide.
  • Well prepared workshops with a thought-through flow instead of chaotic ad-hoc discussions.