The benefit of the tracker

The tracker supports groups or individuals involved in preparing, conducting and moderating workshops or meetings, and documenting them in real time. Typical meeting traps such as inadequate preparation, losing sight of the objectives of the meeting, circular discussions, and unclear meeting minutes, can be avoided by using the tracker.

How the tracker works

The tracker is a visual moderation and logging software product, which enables meeting participants to keep track of their meeting goals and the necessary steps to achieving them, as well as allowing contributions to be anchored within the meeting log immediately. The tracker graphically depicts the course of the current meeting and locates it within the overall context. Tangential departures from the meeting objectives can immediately be seen. The course of the meeting is structured efficiently and becomes traceable. At the end of a meeting, the minutes are already completed and can immediately be approved by all participants. For the most important meeting situations (such as project kick-off meeting, information meeting, decision meeting, crisis meeting, problem analysis meeting, etc.), the tracker offers proven agenda templates which will ensure an efficient meeting process.


Situations where you can use the tracker

The tracker can be used for all types of meeting or workshop, which has one or more clear goals that are to be reached in a step-by-step manner. The tracker is especially useful for meetings in which decisions are to be made under time pressure, or for workshops which require a high degree of knowledge transfer. The tracker is particularly useful in the following situations:
  • desktop, video, or telephone conferences
  • project meetings
  • meetings with standard agenda items
  • regular information meetings
  • in general, virtual synchronous meetings
  • complex negotiation meetings