The benefit of the ruler

The ruler enables teams and individuals to systematically undertake and compare evaluations along several dimensions. It additionally supports the development of scenarios or strategies. The ruler makes it possible to discuss and take into consideration over forty decision variables concurrently.   

Functional principles of the ruler

The ruler is based on Zwicky's morphological box, but improves the ergonomics and functionality of this tool. The ruler uses the slide rule metaphor to graphically represent and adapt cost-benefit analyses or scenarios. As with the other let's focus tools, the ruler can be used with the pre-configured templates. These support strategic analyses, client- and competitor evaluations, as well as scenario development.


Situations where you can use the ruler

The ruler should be used whenever something needs to be evaluated or combined along various dimensions, and different positions or perspectives on this subject are to be integrated. The ruler is especially useful in the following situations:
  • meetings of project or program steering committees
  • financial controlling meetings
  • strategy workshops
  • scenario workshops
  • job applicant evaluation
  • surveys and polls
  • product discussions
  • evaluation of alternative marketing concepts