The benefit of the timeliner

The key value of the timeliner is enabling the systematic and clear discussion of processes in the past, present and future. It helps with the systematic planning of projects and processes, with documenting current events but also with the systematic review of the past (i.e. debriefings). 

Function principles of the timeliner

The timeliner contains four parallel time lines which can vary in their size and description. These streams can be structured into daily, weekly or monthly segments, and then filled with activities and events. Thanks to various proven templates, different situations can quickly be structured chronologically. Thanks to the replay function, the development of a project or an industry can be followed step by step.


Situations in which you can use the timeliner

The timeliner is an effective but extremely easy-to-use tool for the communicative depiction of plans, reviews or other chronologically structured schemes (processes, projects, programs, etc.). It is especially suitable for supporting the following situations:

  • project planning meetings
  • project review (debriefing) workshops
  • monitoring competitors
  • media monitoring
  • quality workshops / process workshops
  • project documentation
  • campaign planning