The benefit of the positioner

The positioner supports groups or individuals involved in analyzing complex topics and integrating already existent knowledge. It improves thought and communication processes in teams and depicts these visually at each step.  

Functional principles of the positioner

The positioner is based on various functions for added-value interaction (for example: clustering, annotation, replay, leveling, overlaying) and a large library of high quality, interactive and partially animated diagram and metaphor templates. These templates are based on proven problem-solving methods (such as fishbone diagram, Synergy Map, and S-Curve) and can easily be applied thanks to the positioner.


Situations where you can use the positioner

The positioner should be used when the objective is knowledge integration and development in groups. Typical use scenarios are:

  • problem analysis workshops
  • negotiations
  • regular team meetings
  • in interactive management presentations
  • in sales situations
  • in desktop conferences and video conferences
  • in employee training
  • for the facilitation of focus groups in market research