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You can use let's focus everywhere when you want to collect or visualise ideas and knowledge. If you use let's focus in meetings, you can save and re-use all results unlike any hand-written notices. let's focus can be used in various settings, for example, you can present results in large meetings with a beamer or you can use let's focus in virtual meetings.


Sample application areas for let's focus

  • You wish to make an important telephone conference with your global project team more efficient
  • You have to coordinate the internal activities, production, customer events and PR activities for your sales plan
  • You want to critcally evaluate your new business strategy and prepare its realization
  • There are several options for your new product available you wish to discuss, analyze and priortize systematically
  • You wish to get back to the facts in your discussions of conflict
  • You want to get a clearer picture of your competitors
  • You with to prioritize your ongoing projects within your management team
  • You aim to expand your services portfolio with innovative new services and need to generate and evaluate ideas